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d e f y i n g ♦ g r a v i t y

↑ Lilith ↑
12 March
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↑ When you're hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate ↑
Denise, 32.
→ Loves K-pop/J-pop
→ Tv Shows (Supernatural, True Blood, Dollhouse, Two and a Half men, Being Human, Survivors, Desperate Housewives, Lie to Me, Merlin, Criminal Minds, Sex and the City, Friends, Harper's Island)
→ Soccer
→ Her biases ♥ ( SHINee, MBLAQ, B2ST,SNSD, GLAY, etc.)
→ Spends too much time playing with Photoshop
→ Writing and Reading FanFiction
→ Yaoi/Slash
→ In deeply and madly love with: 김기범 and 김종현 (SHINee)

Header feat. : 김종현 (SHINee)
Friends Only banner feat: 김종현(SHINee)
Profile Banner feat. : 김종현(SHINee)
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